Safe. Secure. Clean.

Safety Program and Policies

Safety isn’t just a word; it’s a fundamental part of our integrated approach to building your project. As part of our program we have brought on as service partner Safety Services of America, Inc., a risk management consulting firm based here in Charlotte. Together with our consultants, sub-contractor partners, and material suppliers we create a safe working environment that ultimately benefits you the client. We have developed and implemented a comprehensive written safety and risk management program specific to our company operations. Regular formal training sessions are conducted for our supervisory personnel addressing OSHA construction standards as well as other topics like toxic mold and antisocial behavior. We regularly conduct unscheduled safety inspections at our job sites.
We aim for an efficient, productive construction effort incorporating safe working methods and a strong safety consciousness by all our employees, subcontractors, and material suppliers.

Quality Management

We’ve found that building quality into the product creates a better pathway to excellence than inspecting and reworking once the project has been completed. In our mind, quality is more than measuring how well we comply to specifications. Rencher builds a team with clearly understood expectations for everyone involved in the project, including key contract document requirements, documenting the project’s quality challenges, and establishing how our team will overcome these challenges.

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